by blogasana on January 4, 2010

Completed the exhausting task of de-Christmasing yesterday.

By the time the 1st rolls around my senses are overloaded and I’m more than ready to streamline the house again. De-clutter, simplify, purge.

This often includes a furniture rearrangement.

It’s funny how moving pieces of board, cushion and fabric in a room can change the behavior, emotion, and interaction of the people in it.

We bought a used red leather chair. Its lines are sleek and smooth and simple. Not like the rest of our house. It’s beautiful. It feels fancy and grown up. I’ve been sitting on the couch looking at it rather than sitting in it.

A came home tonight. Her mom had another baby, a girl. I feel a little sad. Jealous, I suppose. A watched the birth and even cut the umbilical cord. After dinner she sat in the chair. She seemed different, a little distant. More grown up.

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