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by blogasana on February 1, 2011

A recent conversation with Jodi, the Feng Shui consultant, went something like this:


You know that giant space you made in the living room by taking away three of the five large items? How there’s now enough room for “a dance party” (as my stepdaughter put it)? How it looks like we’re moving either out or in? Ya, what are we going to put in that space?



Giant open space. Dance-party-worthy space.


It’s really hard for me to not fill it up. To not put something in it just because it’s there.

Where else in my life do I do this? And how can I learn to keep those corners empty?

To create space and rest in my schedule, I’m taking recess.

To create freedom in my soul, I’m getting outside more, back to what is real and alive.

To bring a sense of spaciousness into my life, I’m considering simplicity (in rasta fashion).

Sometimes I clutter up my teaching with talking or poses… things that don’t matter much to Yoga. I want to spend some time exploring and practicing making space there too.

The same way we walk into a room and see the stuff in the room. …. can I see/feel the space around the stuff. In my house, in my body, in my life.


The Gate
by Marie Howe

I had no idea that the gate I would step through
to finally enter this world

would be the space my brother’s body made. He was
a little taller than me: a young man

but grown, himself by then,
done at twenty-eight, having folded every sheet,

rinsed every glass he would ever rinse under the cold
and running water.

This is what you have been waiting for, he used to say to me.

And I’d say, What?

And he’d say, This—holding up my cheese and mustard sandwich.

And I’d say, What?

And he’d say, This, sort of looking around.

I recommend reading that again. Slower. And aloud.
These empty spaces become portals through which we have the possibility of entering another way, a new realm. Be it through the absence of a person, a thing, or just a little room around a feeling or experience.
This is what I’ve been waiting for. This odd moment: sitting by the fire in a paint-stained shirt, listening to the popcorn pop, noticing the band-aid on my hand, husband anxious to watch a movie. This.
From I-5, Dec 24th, 2010. Through a most dynamic sky, light rays over Mt. Shasta.
What’s in your corners? Is there adequate open space in your life? Have you stepped through one of those gates into a new space, and what was that like?
One day till recess!!! An end and beginning, yet again.

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Tracy February 1, 2011 at 10:55 am

This is a VERY interesting topic, Michelle! Space and making room for it in my daily life and spiritual life has much been in my thoughts for a few months now. Last year I began a big de-clutter of our house, which was a help. Now as winter wanes, I feel a bit spring clean coming on–more de-cluttering, I’m itching to make more space! I have also been working on removing unnecessary sound/media–no radio/cds all day while I work, no sneaking a podcast while I have lunch on my own. Being more disciplined with online time, phone use, speaking, etc. I am loving the sound of silence, and finding deeper dwelling place in it. This still feels new, so I’m still discovering the path. From a spiritual perspective I’m tenderly embracing the joy of kirtan–devotional chanting and finding freedom in my voice expressed. Also spiritually I’m learning the joy of body movement in different ways besides yoga–spontaneous dance and the like. All of this has been drawing a deep necessary breath, and breathing out more love than I thought possible. :o) Enjoy your next retreat! Happy Days ((HUGS))


Diane February 8, 2011 at 6:44 am

my space always seems to come at this hour and John’s at 5:30am….no wonder I sometimes sleep at the end of class! to bed! xo


Diane February 8, 2011 at 6:45 am

PS….it’s 1045pm on Feb. 6…not as noted above!


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