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by michelle on October 18, 2011

There is no wasting time in New York.

You know the New York minute lasts about 35 seconds.

And in that 35 seconds you’re going to do 14 sun salutations and three headstands.

It’s awesome.

And… wow.

Our NYC Studio Crawl was amazing: eight classes in five days; some of the best food I’ve ever had; the energy and vibration of the city.

Even though I live the city life, Manhattan is an entirely different thing — the pace, volume and constancy were sometimes overwhelming.

In an effort to seek balance and stabilize my inner world, I practiced noticing the spaces between. The pauses.

This is what I found.

Looking for the space around the things, finding solace in one of the many parks, and my nightstand altar all helped me slow down and remember simplicity.

What I came to appreciate

The more I got back in touch with my own ground, I began to notice stolen moments of inefficiency.

Let me tell you, Californians don’t know how to stand in line. New Yorkers will wait a half hour for ice cream (as I did).

And Central Park is a whole other world. The sun came out on Saturday and people flocked to sit on a bench, picnic, play frisbee. There were people on the great lawn playing guitar, practicing the Thriller dance routine, and taking naps (as I did).

It reminded me of what we talk about so often in yoga asana practice — how one’s approach and mind state affect everything about an action. I can be outwardly hurried and inwardly calm. Simple but true.

Thank you New York City

It was a fabulous trip.


If you’re there in the near future, here are my yoga and veggie-eat recommendations:


Kula Yoga – Kevin was probably my favorite teacher of the trip. He is leaving for Costa Rica for six months, but promises to be back. So much heart and really touched on the bigger picture of Yoga — what’s the purpose of your practice? In general, this studio is all about the get-up-and-go of vinyasa.

OM Yoga – Took class from Joe (meh), Ani (good) and Brian (loved). I was a little surprised that there wasn’t more detail in poses. They did a lot of flow (all of it was too fast for me) and played music, both of which surprised me. But the space is incredible — beautiful rooms, locker room with shower, and a nice boutique. Brian was an absolute love.

Dharma Yoga Center West – Sri Dharma, who is over 80 years old, teaches all of the classes at this studio. (There is also a Dharma East studio.) The sequence wasn’t particularly enjoyable, but then again, that’s not the point of Yoga, is it? Dharma brings the whole package — he opened with a talk about practice and awareness and compassion. He is so endearing and inspiring.

OM Factory – We went specifically for the fanfare of Antigravity Yoga. It was awesome. Incredible to feel completely free-floating and held. We took a restorative class, which was delicious, and an active class which was challenging! Definitely something worth experiencing. Teacher Shelly Bomb is… well, the bomb. She was kind and so generous with her time.

Yoga High – I went here only because it was right around the corner from where I was staying. Nice place — not flashy or big like the others, which was nice. Class was fine. Kind of “more of the same.” (I may have been flowed-out by that point.) The teacher and co-owner, Liz, was lovely, remembered my name, and offered several adjustments throughout the class.


Cafe Orlin – Had breakfast and dinner there — two of the best meals (but I could say that about all of the places). Very nice ambiance – low key, kind of romantic/dreamy.

Jivamuktea Cafe – uh-maz-ing. They have everything from juices to smoothies to salads/sandwiches/soups. Casual cafe style. Not to be missed.

Angelica’s Kitchen – Beautiful restaurant with brilliant food. So so soooo good.

Caravan of Dreams – this was my last meal before leaving. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I kept saying aloud, to no one, oh my GOD this is good! More casual and not as much romance as Cafe Orlin or Angelica’s.


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Madeleine October 19, 2011 at 9:14 am

Wow – what great and careful reviews. I appreciate your honesty on what worked and didn’t work in the classes you took.

If I am not mistaken, Angelica’s Kitchen has been there a long time, which means I actually went there about *cough* years ago when I was in NYC. Christy Turlington was there, before she was a known yogi. And thus concludes my yoga tour of New York.


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