getting mad at the fish

by michelle on August 23, 2012

Imagine this: throwing a fish on your lawn, and then getting mad at it because it won’t swim.

Instead of being real about the fact that:

  • the environment isn’t right for the fish to survive, let alone thrive
  • you are asking the fish to be something it isn’t and can’t possibly be even if it wants
  • the fish doesn’t know what’s going on — it’s flailing, just trying to pull through

Why is this analogy important?

Where in your life are you in an environment that doesn’t support you?
Where are you being asked to be something you’re not?
Where are you flailing?

A job? A relationship? A city? An exercise routine? A lifestyle? A belief?

And the second arrow here is if any of those are true….and you get mad at yourself for it not working.

You’re getting mad at the fish for not swimming on the lawn.

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Tami -- Teacher Goes Back to School August 25, 2012 at 9:08 am

in my former career i was totally a fish on the lawn. and i shot that second arrow so often, i had callouses on my hands from the bow strings. it was not a good time in my life.

deciding to make a career change well into my 30s enabled me to see that big changes, while painful, won’t kill me. thus leading me to making other, painful, yet not fatal changes. i’m happy to report i’m more at ease in the world because of it.

that second arrow really sucks.


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