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by michelle on January 15, 2014




People seem to want to know two things: What was the best part of being in NYC? and How is it to be home?

Since “everything” and “weird” are not great answers, here’s a little more…



My random list of favorite things about NYC:

  • Central Park (duh)
  • Walking everywhere
  • Distinct seasons
  • The pace and density (extremes that oddly allow me to tap into the opposite of calm and spacious)
  • The quirky differences between east and west (which could be its own list — for example, they ask, “to stay or to go?” instead of “for here?”)
  • The richness of history and story in the architecture
  • And, of course, all the fabulous yoga (to which one teacher I met there said he feels like there’s no good yoga in NY…all the good teachers are in the Bay Area)

And the best things about being home?

Hummingbirds, a washer and dryer, quiet, my own bed, hugs hugs and more hugs, and the community and belonging of the IAY sanctuary.

Probably the ideal trip is when you are excited to be where you are. And I am excited to be home.

I’d love to hear about your travels — favorite trips, and what you love about coming home. Head over to the blog and leave a comment!


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