Art, Being Brave and Yoga

by michelle on March 13, 2014

Hi friends!

This past weekend in teacher training we were talking about the importance of having support. Not just knowing that we are supported by friends or family, but structured support — a group or time or space set apart to remind us and keep us in touch.

A couple of resources have come our way that we wanted to pass along.

First, the San Francisco Art Museum is hosting “the world’s first major art exhibition about yoga.” A beautiful journey into the history and evolution of this practice.

Next, Pema Chödrön will be in the Bay Area in May speaking on Being Brave and asking the question, Is enlightened society possible?

In a couple of weeks I am headed back to NYC for follow up training to what I did this fall. Right now, this is the support I need and want — structure, accountability, specific focus, fresh information and someone else being the teacher.

This summer I am hosting a retreat on the Pacific Coast. If that might be the type of support you need and want — redwoods, unrushed practice, meditative time, ocean access and someone cooking for you — check out the Summer + Sanctuary details.

If you get to (or have seen) the art exhibit, let us know what you thought!

On early spring breezes,


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