let’s do nothing together

My favorite time-wasters are:

  • Sitting meditation
  • Practicing yoga
  • Reading poetry

Through the magic of the Internet, I would like to invite you to join me in these practices.

You are cordially invited to our virtual yoga studio, in the comfort and privacy of your own home! In your pajamas, if you like!

Yoga Ambush/Take 5

Because you don’t always have an hour. The Yoga Ambush/Take 5 is a purposeful pause of five minutes or less. There are short meditations, yoga stretches, poetry readings, and more. Sprinkled throughout the day, these are the heart of Love Wasting Time.

Virtual Meditation Group

**We are currently on a virtual break. Check back for availability in this group!**

As a form of accountability, and also because it is wonderful to sit with other people, our Virtual Meditation Group meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:10 – 6:30 am. Rise with the sun at 6, pee, make some tea, get what you need to be comfortable, and hop online. I ring the bell at 6:10, we’ll sit together in quiet, and the bell will indicate the closure of our sit 20 minutes later.

Maybe you’ve never tried sitting meditation, or you have tried and you felt completely tortured, or you sit twice a day and watch the thought clouds pass by. Skill, experience, even affinity for sitting do not matter. Email michelle@lovewastingtime.com for details.

Audio Yoga Classes

These are free audio classes recorded live at It’s All Yoga in Sacramento, California.

Yoga becomes personal through our own interpretations. Rather than worrying about exactly what I mean, or exactly what pose from The Book we’re doing, let your body feel the words and create a shape that speaks to you. That’s Yoga.

There are um‘s and so‘s and student questions (it’s live, baby!). Let that give you something to rub up against and fill out the yoga-from-home-but-not-alone experience.

Online Yoga Classes

If you’re a visual learner or just like to do yoga “with” someone, online yoga classes are great. You have them forever, you can skip to your favorite part, you can monitor progress through repetition.

Check out the online options — be sure to read the class descriptions and levels to find what’s right for you.